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Baptism Confirmation


in the Anglican Church makes use of the three symbols, the cross, water and light. The Cross of Christ is made on the person's forehead to 'mark' him or her as a member of the Christian Church. The application of water symbolises the washing out of sin - and beginning a new life in the Christian family worldwide. The giving of a lighted candle symbolises the passing from darkness into God's light as a new member of the Christian Church.


is the laying on of hands by the bishop with prayers for the gift of the Holy Spirit for mission and ministry. It is a time when baptised persons confirm the promises made on their behalf in infant baptism and take on adult responsibility for their Christian life. In the past confirmation occurred in the teenage years and allowed those confirmed to participate in Holy Communion. With the admission of children to Holy Communion at an earlier age, confirmation may occur earlier.                                                                                   

If for any reason parents feel unable to make the necessary promises on their child's behalf, St James offers other options

Thanksgiving for the gift of a child. This provides the opportunity to give thanks for the birth of a child and to offer prayer for family life.

Naming Ceremony
This service provides for the formal naming of a child and offers prayers for the parents and their future family life.